Lolita Desu Treasure Hunt

So this post is going to be in English, since I'm entering a funny little treasure hunt ;D
As I said, the shop Lolita Desu, is having a little treasure hunt! And I'm joining in!
Lolita Desu is an online shop that sells used and unused Lolita fashion in form of clothing, accessories, jewellery etc., they even sell "artworks" such as post cards.
Even thought it is a 2nd hand shop, all their items is in perfect condition! And they're true to the product and tells you exactly what you get.
The shop is located in Japan, but they ship internationally. They even offer fluent support for customers in the languages English and Danish, and they offer basic level support in Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese and German.
Even thought the shop is in Japan it doesn't take long for your package to arrive, at least not when you live in Denmark, such as I. It only took five days, and then I had the package in my hands - and that was even with airmail - so awesome!
I can really recomend this shop, you can find it HERE, and it's one of the best online shops I've ever shopped at. I even got presents in my package, which just made me so much happier!
The people running the shop are so sweet, and they help you really fast when you ask them about something you're uncertain about. You can just write on their facebook SITE, and you basically have the answer an hour after or so - SUPER GREAT SERVICE!
The shop gets updated regular and there's always some new things to check out, which is just lovely ;D

Lolita Desu Treasure Hunt

So I was looking through all the items, and I selected these five pieces, that I really like!
The first item is:
Dolche JSK with socks and headband in Pink from Innocent World~
I really like this Lolita dress, because it's pink and sweet! I love the motive of the dress - it reminds me a little of a teaparty. The cut of the dress is great, since it's made to look adorable on anyone, and the dress can be fit for everyday look ^^

The second item is:
Red Stripe skirt from Putumayo!
When I saw this skirt I really loved it being red. I've always loved the color red, and the skirt can fit a lot of different blouses as well, so it's a skirt you can use a lot. I love that it's simple but still exclusive ;D

The third item is:
School March JSK in Saxon Blue from Angelic Pretty~
Angelic Pretty has always been a brand where I end up loving almost everything they make. I love their prints as well as their designs of the dresses they have. And this saxon blue dress is no exception. I've never really liked the color blue, but Angelic Pretty sure makes me love it~ This piece is so sweet and it would be so right to wear in school!

The fourth item is:
Usakumya Pochette Bag in Pink from Baby the Stars Shine Bright!
I've always loved teddybears, and this purse is absolutely overly cute! It would fit a sweet Lolita outfit very well, and just be the perfect sweet purse for almost any outfit that needs to be a little more cute~

The fifth item is:
School March Barrette in Saxon Blue from Angelic Pretty~
The third item wouldn't be complete if you wouldn't have this sweet barrette in your hair! So of course its on the list, since it would be a most! A sweet dress needs sweet accessories!

You should really check this shop out! You would NEVER regret it, believe me ;D

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